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Philippines & Pilipinos in Early California
Antonio Rodrigues, Chino, 50 years old native of Vindo(?), Manila
Juana Maria Rodrigues, 8 years old, (Antonio's daughter)
    of Pueblo de la Reyna de los Angeles, 31 de Diciembre, 1781
    (Los Angeles Census)
Escalante (Gregorio),1833, nat. of Manila, who deserted from the Helvetius, Lived at S.F. 1840-1844, owning a lot, being sindico in 1842, and 40 years old in 1844.iv.655,684.Ace. to Chas Brown he married, raised a family, made and lost a fortune, and in 1878 was in the poor-house at Mayfield
California Pioneer Register and Index,1542-1848 E extracted from History of California, 7 Volumes, originally published 1884-1890, Hubert Howe Bancroft.
(additional notes by M.E.Embry- "poor-house in Mayfield (?)" Mayfield township{present day South Palo Alto} was founded in 1855 & was annexed to Palo Alto on 7/6/1925. Palo Alto was founded in 1887. Mayfield was 3/4 mile from the Stanford University buildings
Helvetius, a whaler owned by Stephen Girard; wrecked off Honolulu on 11/10/1834
sindico, person appointed to take charge of property under litigation or to liquidate a bankrupt business;a receiver or trustee according to the Spanish-English dictionary
Yerba Buena- the Mexican village/town that was officially renamed San Francisco on 1/30/1847 by Washington Barlett, Chief magistrate )
San Francisco Land Titles,1852, Schedule A Synopsis of all grants of land within the limits claimed by the City, made during the administration of the Mexican government "8/15/1843 grantor-F. Sanchez,J. de Paz; grantee-Bruno Valencia in Yerba Buena, next to the house of Gregorio Escalante" "12/27/1843 grantor-F. Sanchez, J. de Paz; grantee John Martin in Yerba Buena, adjoining lot of Escalante & John Davis" "5/10/1845 grantor-Padilla, Alcalde; grantee Eusebio Soto, lot in Yerba Buena, next to that of Greg. Escolante"
Census of San Francisco 10/31/1842
Gregorio Escalante; birthplace-Manila; occupation-merchant; age-34
Exhibit No. 9 to Deposition of R.C. Hopkins
Seventy-five Years in San Francisco, The First San Francisco Directory
Appendix H Yerba Buena (1846)
Gregorio Escalante (from Manila), baker
"7/9/1846- the Mexican Eagle was displaced by the Stars and Stripes by Capt Montgomery , USN. districts of San Francisco-Yerba Buena, Mission Dolores & the Presidio"
Julian Delargo, 40 years old native of Manilla
1850 Los Angeles city household #10; family #10; line#37;taken 1/15/1851 Reel #M432-35
1850 California Census for natives of Manilla with est. date of birth:
Calaveras Slamslans Powand (1831)
San Diego Domingo Rodrigues (1823)
Toulumne township #1 Marcellar Antonio (1815) Ramon Apiado (1830); Pablo Balleno (1826); Calistro Bemdictro (1820); Peter Bull (1810); Domingo Casamero (1825); Marian Cladio (1820); Jean Crible (1781); Roberts dela Rosa (1825); Marian Domingo (1824); Castor Drmino(1788); Ramon Ermon (1823);
Alselmo Fernando (1824); Alexander Francisco (1825); Ignacio Francisco (1830); Thomas Lawcio (1815); Eugim Leorio (1818); Antonio Morano (1819); Vicuto Nocam (1825); Ansette Pasgual (1821); Philip Young (1814)
Toulumne township #2 Julian Damor (1826); Filippo Manilla (1825)
Source: 1850 United States Federal Census
Source: San Francisco Cemetery Index 1848-1863
1) Antoine Francisco, 30 years old, native of Manila, died 1853, Yerba Buena Cemetery, grave#2832
2) Leon Gregoire, 25 years old, native of Manila,died 12/15/1853,Yerba Buena Cemetry grave#1034
also @ Daily Alta California Newspaper Vital Notices, 1853, Death
3) O. Sanchez, 42 years old, native of Manila, died 1857, Mission Dolores Cemetery
4) F. Santiago, 28 years old, a native of Manila, died 1855, Lone Mountain Cemetery
5) Antonia Valentia, 22 years old, a native of Manila, died 1852, Yerba Buena Cemetery grave #416
Mrs. Lowery, mentioned in Isaac McComas 9/19/1856 diary as a Philopeno in Yuba City. Isaac, a master mason, did a job for Mr. Lowery on 5/23/1856.
contributor:Charles McComas Robb
1860 California census for natives of Manilla
Alameda Alexander R. Callante, 19y, servant (James Temingham- HoH)
San Mateo Peter Baresha/ Barutha, 29y, laborer
   Lucy Clark, 16y, cook
   Palenthen, Ellenan, 29y
   Blas Paska, 28y, salonkeeper
Luis Lopez,inmate @ the State Prison, 23 years old, a laborer & native of Manilla, convicted in 1857 of grand larceny
1860 Corte Madera, Marin County census taken on 7/23/1860
1880 California Census
Santa Clara L. M. Fernandez, 55y, native of Philippine Is. professor of Pennmanship, HoH, with wife-Josephine, 31y; daughter-Mary Anna, 19y; sons-Joseph, 11y & John, 17y all native of California
Pedro Juan, 68y, native of Manilla died 6/23/1887 @ Mariposa County Hosp Source:Mariposa Gazatte 1887-1890
S. Martinas, 65y, native of Manila, died 5/12/1887 in San Quentin Source: San Francisco Call 5/14/1887, page 8


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