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“Identification with our nation’s history will foster assimilation and participation in common goals that promote good citizenship and civic involvement”

                      Filipinos Gone 2 California

This is a genealogical research of the Pilipinos migration to California. This website honors the struggles & achievements of all who immigrated to California from the Philippines.

This website will always be a work in progress
The first entry is my research about the Pilipinos in the the Unclaimed California Property (UCP), a website of the California State Controller's Office

      When I found $4,404.00 unclaimed property of my co-worker’s grandparents, who died several years ago, the family decided to waive their claim in favor of an elderly aunt who could very well benefit from the unexpected financial windfall. I was touched by such generosity that I began my research on the unclaimed property website using my own database of Pilipino names.


      Hundreds of individuals with Philippine connections are listed in the UCP website. Comparing some of these names with the Social Security Death Index, I found out that many of these individuals had died years ago. However, the existence of heirs is a good possibility after my research in the websites like the peoplefinders, whitepages,, etc. Many had also provided Philippine addresses which may have included some non-Pilipino residents in the Philippines. Individuals related to them thru marriage are also included in my website.


       The Master Lists of Individuals and Business totaled to



                             Criteria used in creating the Master Lists:


  • $1,000.00 or more of unclaimed property in Master Lists #1a & #1b (Philippine & U.S. address).
  • $100.00 to $900.00 of unclaimed property in Master Lists #2a & #2b (Philippine address only).
  • Diversity in ethnicity-Malay/Spanish/American/Chinese/Muslim.
  • Diversity in geographical locations-Metro Manila, northern, southern Philippines, etc.
  • Diversity in occupations-military, political, farming/business, medical, legal, etc. 



        Additionally, I created a Who’s Who List in the Pilipino community whose names appeared in the UCP website. Please note that some of these individuals have unclaimed property less than $100.00 & their names do not appear in Master Lists #1 and #2.



sent to Mr. John Chiang thru certified mail receipt # 7008 0150 0003 1981 6946 on 4/1/2008 w/ the return receipt signed by: Julie Hanneman on 4/2/2008

Mr. John Chiang

State Controller’s Office

300 Capitol Mall #1850

Sacramento, California 95814


Re: Unclaimed California Property (UCP)


Dear Mr Chiang:


Sir, I am a researcher of Philippine history & I used my database of Filipino names to compare it with your UCP database. I found over $4 million of funds that belonged to the Filipinos & their allied families. I created a website


listing those names. I do not have any monetary interest in my research. The advertisers in my free website do not pay me a cent. I did the research project for the reasons I indicated in the website.

I would appreciate it if you would locate some of the people in my list. I am particularly interested to find the family of Clotilde Leonor, deceased (see back page). My research indicated that her son Leonardo Leonor was a KIA/MIA U.S. Vietnam hero & that the heirs to this family might be residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, since a sister was asked to participate in the DNA project to identify Leonardo in 2002. The UCP amount of $103,055.73 would help the heirs to this truly deserving family, as well as other people that I located thru my research.




Maria Elizabeth Embry

Antioch, California 94509

April 1, 2008


My info:
Maria Elizabeth Del Valle Embry
Antioch, California
Cabayaosan, Paniqui, Tarlac


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